Guide Complete: How to make money online in 2022

How to make money online in 2022?

how to make money online 2022

In this article, we will teach you how to finally build a successful online business - here you will find important information to start working correctly in the world of digital marketing. In addition to the first steps, we will show you a growing list of business models and online business ideas so you can get your plans off the ground in 2022.

Everyone is talking about online business and working from anywhere, but how do you make that dream a reality, and what better options?

To answer these questions, read this article to the end. Here you will (gradually) find general information on how to build an online business, as well as an overview of the most popular and profitable digital business models that you can build from the comfort of your own home.

What is an online business all about?

Queries for terms like “ make money online ” or “ make money on the internet ” or "make money with youtube" have high search volume on Google, YouTube, and virtually every content platform.

Many want to make money fast and are looking for suitable business ideas to make money online. But before you get to that: What is an online business and how do you make money from it?

The term online business has become a veritable buzzword with many names and facets in recent years – digital business or remote business are just a few examples.

The digital nomads scene is also growing a lot in Brazil, and in recent years it has become the topic of online business better known far beyond the borders of the internet.

Pictures of images of young people traveling the world with their laptops and working under palm trees in the most beautiful places in the world make many “normal” 8 to 6 workers envious.

For many, this is a completely alien world, far removed (not just literally) from their own reality. However, the internet makes many things possible these days. And if you can at least imagine yourself working from your home office, theoretically it doesn't matter if you're sitting in front of your laptop in São Paulo or Thailand, does it?

Digital nomads

There are a few synonyms for these digital nomads that make it a little clearer to non-experts what these people really are – remote workers, local independent entrepreneurs, or freelancers who have built their businesses in such a way that (in theory) they can do it anyway. place on the planet world where there is internet.

This allows you to combine travel and work and actually earn money online. Some leave Brazil for a while or even forever and work as travelers forever, that is, as permanent tourists, and work changing scenery forever. A lifestyle that is definitely worth fighting for, which is also featured repeatedly on social media, so more and more people are striving for it.

But many who want to start an online business just want to have a good source of income, without having to commit their whole life to it – and not all their energy.

A digital business doesn't necessarily mean you're constantly on the go or giving up your job for it. You can also build something online as a side business and earn a second income.

For us Brazilians, having a second source of income is the only way to achieve a more peaceful life.

In short: By my definition, an online business is a business structured in such a way that it can be operated online and from any location, giving you maximum freedom. Digital marketing has brought us several ways to build an online business.

What does it take to work with online marketing?

The most important thing for an online business is a laptop (that won't let you down) and a stable internet connection. In fact, those who work with online marketing can dispense with an elaborate office.

In many places, there are already numerous cafes offering free high-speed internet and they have conquered a new target audience - local digital entrepreneurs. In cities, the number of coworking spaces is also growing – open-ended offices that freelancers, startups and online entrepreneurs can rent daily or long-term to work and surround themselves with like-minded people.

What online business models are there?

Want to build an online business? So the good news first – there are still plenty of ways to make money on the internet in 2022. If you google this phrase, you will get countless results with online business ideas.

This includes a lot of content that promises more than it delivers, and ultimately just helps the marketer behind the offer line their pockets. Of course, this doesn't exactly contribute to the image of the scene.

So it's time to take action and end the clichés. Do you want to build a location-independent business that you can build online and run on the go? Then you are in the correct article.

Next, I'll give you an overview of the most popular and compelling digital business models with which you can seriously build something online. I have already successfully tested many of the models myself, others are still on my list. For each business model, there is a summary of how to get started, and to become a big name in digital marketing for each business, it will be up to you to learn everything about the market. So think of this site as a growing collection of new online business ideas.

Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon FBA program is an affiliate program that works on e-commerce, but in a smart way.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and offers content producers the opportunity to sell commissioned products directly through the Amazon marketplace. But not only that, producers and manufacturers can also use existing infrastructure and have storage and shipping taken care of by Amazon.

FBA sellers typically sell products under their own brand name. They manufacture them in Asia, for example, and then import the finished products to sell in Europe or the US.

With Amazon FBA, you can manufacture and sell your own physical products, but still benefit from all the advantages of a location-agnostic business. And for those who want to act as an affiliate of physical products, you can generate sales links on the platform for all products from the largest virtual store in the world.

Amazon FBA is an exciting online business that is already being used by many Brazilians in their digital marketing strategies.

Rent third-party properties through Airbnb

The Airbnb business is currently an absolutely hot topic on the internet - especially since many people are preferring to stay in other people's homes over regular hotels on their travels.

The US company is one of the most popular portals for short-term rentals worldwide and is used by tourists and business travelers alike. With Airbnb you can rent individual rooms to entire houses.

You don't even need a property of your own for the Airbnb business, on the contrary: the idea is based on the smart subletting of existing properties. Using various tools, the entire business can be operated from any location and automated as far as possible. If you love real estate and want to combine online and offline, the Airbnb business is for you.

Sale of exclusive products

Strictly speaking, the business of selling exclusive products over the internet is not just about t-shirts as in the past, but also hoodies, tank tops and other merchandise of all kinds.

The business principle of selling exclusive products through a platform or market model is simple: you create a design, upload it to a customized product production portal and offer your products on portals such as Mercado Livre, Shopee and on Amazon itself.

The biggest advantage of the t-shirt business over an existing platform: you use the reach of big sites like Amazon and you can reach millions of potential customers. To stand out from the growing competition, thorough niche and keyword research is essential to find the topics that are being discussed the most, such as a new series or a new celebrity.

Selling digital products

Create and sell a (digital) product from your own knowledge. This may seem confusing, complicated and complex, but in fact, the whole operation is quite simple.

Along with affiliate marketing, digital information products are among the most frequently chosen models for making money online, and this trend is set to increase even more in the coming years.

If you have knowledge in a certain area that you want to pass on to others, you can use it to create a digital product and sell it to the right target audience. Digital information products can be eBooks, for example, but also videos, online courses or audiobooks.

The most important requirements here are target group reviews and some technical knowledge, for example to create your own website through which your products can be sold.

This business model is particularly popular for newcomers to the online business as almost no start-up capital is required.

Work with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing or referral marketing can be found almost everywhere on the internet. The principle is simple: bloggers and other site administrators, for example, recommend other people's products on their platforms and earn commissions for successful sales through these links.

A common way to make money online purely through affiliate marketing is to create so-called niche sites. In it, you select a specific topic on which you create content and link to suitable products. Ideally, the site visitor buys through these links and you receive a commission. Therefore, niche sites have only one purpose for the admin – to make money!

Affiliate marketing is widespread and popular because the cost is very low and getting started is easy. But it also requires time and know-how, especially in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

To learn about the best SEO tools, click here for more information!

How to build an online business?

The requirements for an online business vary by business model. In addition to the technical setup I mentioned earlier, there are also some skills that help at the beginning.

The most important general competences include some technical knowledge, some knowledge about the chosen topic or business model and competences in different areas of online marketing. In principle, anyone interested and motivated can set up their own online business and take advantage of digital marketing opportunities.

When looking for a suitable topic, opportunities often arise in subjects that involve your previous professional career or hobbies. Many things from the offline world can also be transferred to an online business. Above all, you have to think a little outside the box. However, this skill can also be trained.

Some examples:

Are you (not like me) a trained chef? – Why not specialize in a certain type of nutrition and offer a recipe subscription with new ideas every week. Also, you can create a community (eg via YouTube) and interact with your target group.

Are you a graphic designer and hobbyist? - Combine both and build your own brand for fitness shirts via print-on-demand.

Do you play some instrument? – Offer paid training via Skype or create an online course for beginners.

Do you come from the hotel industry or do you travel a lot and stay in hotel rooms and vacation apartments? – So you know exactly what is important for a good accommodation. Create a seamless guest experience and build your own bases around the world with an Airbnb rental business.

Building an online business: rethinking

For example, are you a craftsman and feel that your work is not suitable for an online business? How about workshops for (beginners) teaching you how to develop your own physical products, which you can also sell via Amazon FBA? From work clothes to tools, anything is possible. Trust me, someone is looking for what you have to offer right now.

To make money in digital marketing in 2022, just put the tips in this article into practice, taking advantage of your knowledge and all your energy!

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