Traffic Arbitrage: The Complete Guide to Google AdSense

How does Google AdSense traffic arbitrage work?

adsense complete guide

AdSense traffic arbitrage is a process of buying and selling AdSense ads to generate profit. It is a white hat technique that uses the AdSense API. AdSense arbitrage allows publishers to earn money by placing ads on their websites and monetizing them in two ways:

  1. Sell ​​the ad space at the price they want to sell it for.
  2. Use ad space on your website and receive revenue from Google for clicks on these ads.

How to make Google AdSense traffic work for you

Google AdSense is a great opportunity to make money on the internet. You can use it to make money from adsense by setting up your own website or blog and placing ads on it.

Google AdSense is a program that allows Google to display advertisements from advertisers on your website. It is an advertising system that pays you to display these ads on your website.

Through website or youtube traffic (Organic and Paid), each user who displays your videos on youtube is already worth the equivalent of a scientific grade (Mathematics) of 10 times raised to minus 4 if considered as cost per thousand (or CPM). Most advertisers do for reach using CPM, using marketing strategy such as remarketing (Already visited website in stores, imported products, etc...).

Google AdSense for Bloggers

If you think blogging and/or youtube work is easy, you're wrong. It is not overnight that you will become a millionaire, because you have to focus on your results. What you have to look for first are low competition and preferably high volume keywords. 

If you do it consistently, at least 15 posts a month, you won't necessarily get a lot of traffic, because SEO isn't the main thing. SEO will only help you rank first, regardless of whether people look for you and click or not.

Blogging with Adsense leads to perfection and SEO is long-term. The best use of adsense on the blog is to avoid placing too many ads, which Google Adsense algorithms leads to understand that this site has a lot of ads, so it interferes with the user experience and it interprets it as spam. Furthermore, you cannot trick people into clicking ads for more earnings, which is a violation of adsense policy.

What are the best practices for Google Adsense traffic arbitrage?

Google Adsense traffic arbitrage best practice is an easy way to make money online. It's a process of buying traffic from Google Ads and selling it to other companies for a higher price.

To do this, you will need:

  • A site with high quality content that can attract visitors.
  • A Google Ads account where you will be buying traffic.
  • A Google Analytics account where you will check conversion rates and average time on your site.

An email list with a large number of subscribers where you can send newsletters about your company and products, or an affiliate program if possible.

Conclusion: The benefits of using a good quality AdSense tool to get instant hits to your website

If you want to make money using google adsense, nowadays it is necessary that you get enough traffic, not only by the required rules, but it is also necessary that every site that costs must give at least twice the return on investment.

The benefits you use good quality adsense tool to get instant hits on your website is:

  • You earn per click and also per impressions (CPC and RPM)
  • Minimum payout $100 dollars
  • Automatic ad to place without having to use complicated tool
  • Ad loading control: Low, medium and high

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