AdFly guide complete and How works?

Adfly is the link shortening website where all visitors click any link or article to open window (pop-ups). Therefore, to make money you need a lot of organic traffic, without being paid traffic by Google Ads, Bing Ads or any company whatsoever (No pop-ups, pop-unders).

this is adfly complete guide

This would affect not only the revenue, but also what leads to the bad user experience, understanding that for Google and Bing SEO it is not suitable for having boring ads by html code with referrer or by host. On the verification site (virustotal), it gave a red alert, saying it has a virus.

How Adfly works from the publisher's perspective

How does ad serving to publishers work? The explanation is simple, when you are going to monetize your site, you must first register your account and fill in your personal data, understanding how it works. After that, put your website using html in the blogger configuration. So, when your site is all ready, analyzed by the adfly employees, your site will start earning revenue, but it's not overnight that you become a millionaire.

After all, users who come to your site, will they like your site and will they bring you good experience of your site altogether? If your answer is no, then it is better to look for other sites that monetize your site with good user experience and have good extra income, such as Adsterra, for example.

The good thing about Adfly - Benefits of using AdFly

  • Investment is low from 5 dollars on Paypal
  • Secure Payment Method by Paypal
  • Immediate refund if you click refund on adfly
  • Get Traffic as a redirect from the three options on the site

The Bad of Adfly - Disadvantages of Using AdFly

  • Cannot convert to conversion
  • Trustpilot shows bad user experience
  • Their support can be time consuming
  • No targeting to limit reach
  • Zero Paid Traffic Engagement

Pitfalls of Using AdFly

If you are thinking of making money investing in adfly traffic, forget it! This trap is the one you click on any blog article. Plus, you won't get good engagement. People who click on ads just click close the ad after 5 seconds. Again, on the virus scanning website, 1 out of 93 antivirus programs were detected.

The rest, you already know. You may be permanently banned from Google AdSense forever, which is considered adsense blacklisted. Same thing for those who monetize. If you place excessive ad or get traffic from bots, the algorithm will also detect it as fraud and will get adfly banned or blacklisted.

Consequences of using AdFly on your website's SEO

The SEO impact of using adfly shows that it can bring bad user experience if click on any article or place pop-ups or pop-under on personal blog site or any suspicious site full of ads.

In addition, google will be able to detect it as suspicious and the neologism "algorithmically" will stop recommending similar users, which also influences the performance of adsense after using adfly. However, paid traffic engagement will affect the whole, causing your site to drop from ten to zero reputation.

How to stop referring users to AdFly without changing anything on your site

Stop referring incurs in stopping earning money by referring a link to adfly, just go to blogger, follow "Layout", click the html code there, remove and disable, or put ad code in adsense.

If your case is already out of topic, that is, did you put html code like your entire site? stop forwarding users to sites Look for script what you put in and just remove and save.

Conclusion and final thoughts on how you can use Adfly

If you still know all the benefits and disadvantages of adfly, now it's up to you to decide if you're really going to use traffic, taking full responsibility for what brings your site experience to users who travel with you. Not recommended for AdSense traffic arbitrage. 

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